Welcome to enfys

Reuse your furniture and help restore lives

Since 2003, Enfys has been reusing donated goods, mainly furniture, to help people in their time of need. Thanks to your kindness, we hope to help more people than ever.

Not only that, hundreds of tonnes have been diverted from landfill.

If you buy from our shops, you get a great deal on quality reused furniture, help the environment and help others

You can help in a number of ways:


Furniture or other items (and sign up for Gift Aid).


Buy from the Enfys reuse shops

House Clearance

Ask Enfys to do your house clearance


Give us some practical help

We have 3 reuse shops where you can donate or buy

Briton Ferry and Barry are based at Household Waste Recycling Centres (tips) and sell all sorts of things from bikes to tv’s to bric-a-brac.  Neath is a town centre shop selling furniture and bric-a-brac.

If you wish to donate large furniture, please complete the donation form, or call us on 01639 641631

Smaller items can be donated at any of our stores



A wide variety of items that have been donated rather than dumped



Furniture and a small selection of other items

Briton Ferry

briton ferry

A wide variety of items that have been donated rather than dumped

Browse our stock online!

Most of our furniture items can be seen on Facebook Marketplace. If the link fails, please search for “Enfys Reuse” in Facebook Marketplace.

Investing In Volunteers Award

Our fantastic volunteers are crucial to the Enfys mission.  We are delighted to have achieved the Investing In Volunteers award which has helped us improve support for our volunteers.  

Some of our fantastic partners