Why did you contact me asking if I would donate items?

Can you help us fill our new showroom with quality, reused furniture?

Our mission at Enfys is to “Reuse furniture to help restore lives and protect the environment”.  The furniture that is donated to Enfys is either sold to the general public, or to a person in need, usually via an agency or another charity.  We are determined that we provide the same quality furniture to people in need as we do to the general public, as everyone deserves that dignity.  Therefore we proactively seek out quality items which is why we contacted you.

Of course we do not expect anyone to donate their items if they need or prefer to make some cash by selling it, but if you are in a position to help by donating your item, we would be very grateful.

Note that if you sign up for Gift Aid, we can claim 25% extra from HMRC, so say an item sells for £100, we can claim an extra £25.

If you are happy to donate your item, we will come and collect it, free of charge of course.

Please note that the item must meet our quality and safety standards (e.g. upholstered items must have fire labels).  Our collection team has the final say as to whether or not we can accept the item.

In the past, our beneficiaries chose furniture in our warehouse which was often cold and not the greatest experience, especially for people going through a tough time, albeit most people were very grateful.  So we have invested in a showroom where the public and beneficiaries get a choice of the same furniture.  It’s warm, dry, welcoming and we try to make our beneficiaries feel like our best customer.  If we can provide just a little dignity and some human kindness, we will have succeeded.  By donating your furniture, you help Enfys achieve that.

  • Help people in need

  • Free Collection

  • Extra 25% from Gift Aid

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